B2B Company Financial Analysis Platform


Performing a comprehensive financial statement analysis is crucial for assessing a company’s financial health. However, manual analysis is time-consuming and demands specialized knowledge. Additionally, coordinating information sharing and interview scheduling between companies and users requires extra effort. To address these challenges, there is a need for an automated, efficient, and user-friendly tool.


This platform utilizes OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to upload and analyze a company’s financial statements, offering valuable insights into its financial situation. The system also incorporates features such as interview scheduling, user and company sub-account management, and payment processing.


Financial Statement Analysis via OCR: Upload financial statements for automatic analysis using advanced OCR technology.

Company Financial Health Assessment: Interpret financial statement information to derive an in-depth understanding of a company’s financial standing.

Interview Scheduling: Streamline the process of scheduling and managing interviews between companies and users.

User and Sub-account Management: Create and manage user accounts and company sub-accounts for seamless collaboration.

Payment Processing: Integrate payment functionality to facilitate transactions.

Data Management: Import, export, print, and download financial data and analysis reports.


Project Duration: 4 months

Team Composition:

1 Bridge Engineer: Facilitates communication between the client and the development team, ensuring project alignment.

1 Technical Leader: Oversees the technical aspects of the project, maintaining code quality and architectural integrity.

4 Developers: Design, code, and test the platform’s features and functionalities, working closely with the bridge engineer and technical leader for successful implementation.


UI design, basic design, development, testing

Tech Stack

React.js, Node.js

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