Business for Concert Planning and Organization (Tablet Version)


Concert productions are complex undertakings that require coordination across multiple teams and stakeholders, including performers, technicians, event staff, and more. Traditional communication methods, such as email or phone calls, can be inefficient and impede the ability to adapt to last-minute changes, leading to potential delays and disruptions. To address this challenge, there is a need for a real-time communication system that facilitates rapid information sharing and enables all parties to adjust their actions promptly and effectively. Such a system would enhance efficiency, collaboration, and adaptability in the dynamic environment of concert production.


This tablet-optimized application is designed to facilitate seamless communication and coordination among various stakeholders involved in large-scale concert operations, including performers, sound and lighting technicians, event staff, and more. With real-time updates and an intuitive interface, this solution ensures that everyone stays informed and up-to-date, even when last-minute changes arise. By streamlining information sharing and enhancing transparency, this app enables efficient and effective collaboration in the fast-paced and dynamic environment of concert production.


Departmental Task Manager: Assign and track responsibilities for each department involved in the concert production, ensuring clear communication and accountability.

Interactive Stage Mapping: Visualize the stage layout and performers’ movements in real-time, enhancing coordination and safety.

Production Element Synchronization: Seamlessly integrate and manage information on sound, lighting, special effects, and stage mechanisms to ensure flawless execution.

Collaborative Memo Tool: Utilize the tablet pen to take notes, sketch ideas, or provide feedback.


Project Duration: 9 months

Team Composition:

1 Bridge Engineer: Serves as the liaison between the client and the development team, ensuring that project requirements are clearly communicated and implemented.

1 Technical Leader: Oversees the technical aspects of the project, including architecture design, code quality, and technical decision-making.

2 Developers: Responsible for designing, coding, and testing the application’s features and functionality, working in close collaboration with the technical leader and bridge engineer.


UI design, basic design, development, testing

Tech Stack

ReactNative, AWS Amplify

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