Chamber Connect: A Custom Reservation Platform for Enhancing Chamber of Commerce Engagement


Chambers of commerce play a vital role in supporting local businesses, but coordinating and managing meetings among numerous companies and executives can be an intricate and time-consuming process. Traditional methods often require significant resources, which can compromise efficiency and productivity. Recognizing the potential of digitization and automation in addressing these challenges, there is a growing demand for innovative solutions that enable chambers and executives to collaborate seamlessly and efficiently. By adopting modern technology, chambers of commerce can streamline their operations and focus on their core mission of fostering thriving business communities.


The Chamber of Commerce Reservation System is a specialized platform designed to streamline meeting bookings and attendance registration for officers from various companies. This system serves a dual purpose: it ensures the smooth operation of the Chamber of Commerce while also empowering executives from participating companies to efficiently schedule and manage their meetings. By offering a centralized solution, the Chamber of Commerce Reservation System optimizes communication, organization, and resource allocation, resulting in enhanced productivity for both the Chamber and its member businesses.


Booking Management: Secure reservations for meetings and events, ensuring availability and optimal scheduling.

Attendance Registration: Streamline attendance tracking, allowing participants to register and confirm their presence.

Confirmations and Reminders: Automate confirmation notifications and reminders, keeping attendees informed and engaged.

Modifications and Cancellations: Easily manage changes or cancellations, maintaining an accurate and up-to-date schedule.


Project Duration: 3 months

Team Composition:

1 Bridge Engineer: Facilitates communication between the client and the development team to ensure project alignment.

1 Technical Leader: Oversees the technical aspects of the project, ensuring code quality and architectural integrity.

2 Developers: Design, code, and test the application’s features and functionalities, collaborating closely with the bridge engineer and technical leader for a successful implementation.


UI design, basic design, development, testing

Tech Stack

Django, React.js, TypeSCript

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