PoC development of remote medical examination system


The healthcare industry has been grappling with several challenges in recent years, including limited access to rural healthcare, overcrowding in urban medical facilities, and the increased risk of in-person treatment during infectious disease outbreaks, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the time spent waiting and traveling to hospitals and clinics can impose significant burdens, particularly for elderly and mobility-impaired patients. Consequently, there is a pressing need for a system that enables patients to access medical services without the need for in-person hospital visits.


This innovative telehealth platform eliminates the need for hospital visits by facilitating remote appointments, consultations, and prescription management. By leveraging technology, patients can access essential medical services from the comfort and safety of their homes.


Appointment Scheduling: Easily book and manage remote appointments with healthcare professionals through the platform.

Video Call Consultations: Engage in secure, real-time video consultations, ensuring patients receive personalized medical advice and treatment plans.

Automatic Fee Calculation: Seamlessly calculate and process consultation fees, streamlining the payment process for both patients and healthcare providers.

Electronic Prescriptions: Receive and manage electronic prescriptions, enabling prompt and convenient access to necessary medications.


Project Duration: 2 months

Team Composition:

1 Bridge Engineer: Facilitates communication between the client and the development team to ensure project alignment.

2 Developers: Design, code, and test the platform’s features and functionalities, working closely with the bridge engineer to deliver a high-quality telehealth solution.


UI design, basic design, development, testing

Tech Stack

React.js, Node.js, WebRTC

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